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Six Reasons to Love (And Hate) 'House of Cards' Commander-in-Chief Frank Underwood


Frank Underwood: Always up to no good. (Credit: Netflix)


BY MIKE VIGLIETTA (REVIEWniverse Guest Contributor)

For those who don’t watch House of Cards on Netflix, I want you to do something: Watch the damn show.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to talking about my boy, Francis James Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Surely, if you like the series, you’ve either finished the newly released season three or you’re in the middle of it. Either way, President Underwood will have your mind in a pretzel. I don’t know whether to love this guy or hate him, so let’s break out the yellow legal pad and write down the pros and cons.

1.  He's An Animal
No, Frank isn’t the golden retriever puppy you’d always hoped for when you were a kid. Frank is the Great White that will sneak up and rip you apart from sea to shining sea. He shows a drive that no other politician in the show, and maybe in real life, seems to have, and he 150 percent knows what he wants. America loves a leader who knows what they want.

2. Freddy Seems to Like Him, Right?
Freddy! The former rib-shack owner might be my second-favorite character. Freddy Hayes (Reg E. Cathey) comes off as the kind of guy who can read anyone like an open book. Whether it be the President of the United States or his mailman, he knows what’s up. Freddy seems to have knocked down Underwood’s walls, making him one of the more important characters in the show right now. Vote for Freddy 2016.

3. Frank Likes to Look Into Our Souls (the Camera) and Lie To Us 
Don’t lie to me. Look me in the eyes and tell me that when Frank looks into the camera and drops some Southern boy knowledge on you, you don’t become Frank Underwood for a split second or maybe even the rest of the day. And when Frank does his signature double knock on the desk in the Oval Office at the end of season two, you definitely had a charge of adrenaline course through your veins.

1.  He's An Animal
"Wait, you already put this as a pro," you're saying. Yeah, dude, I know, but with being the Great White comes Great Ruthlessness. Frank has killed people, or hired others to kill people, just to move up the ranks. Remember Zoe (Kate Rooney Mara)? We loved her! Next thing you know, she steps in Frank's way and Frank promptly copies and pastes her onto the front of an oncoming train. How about Rep. Peter Russo (Corey Stoll)? The comeback kid! One wrong move with Frank and all of a sudden our friend Pete is riding shotgun all the way to his fake suicide. I’m sure Frank’s list will grow by season four, and we can only hope that Freddy won’t be on it.

2. Doug Stamper
What else do I have to say about this? All I have to do is type his name and a wave of anger comes crashing over me and I’m washed away by the smell of cheap whiskey and a decaying Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan). I thought we had our moment in season two when ol’ Dougie (Michael Kelly), Frank's chief of staff, seemed to have been riding in Death’s taxi on the highway to Hell. But one way or another, Doug convinced Death to turn the car around, and here we are with this creepy bastard on my TV screen, and I don’t think I can handle another season of this guy.

3. Frank's Kind of Got a Chub for Petrov. Everyone Sees That, Right? 
Now, this isn’t a reference to Frank and Edward Meacham (Frank's bodyguard) getting down together in season two. Although it was surprising, that pales in comparison to my point here. Frank envies Russian President Viktor Petrov’s (Lars Mikkelsen) lifestyle. Petrov, House of Cards' Vladimir Putin, lives a life where he isn’t questioned about anything he does. There are no consequences for him. Petrov is a God in his country. Frank lives a life where everything is under a microscope. He’s got reporters, members of Congress and his own wife breathing down his neck 24/7/365. Frank has a presidential style and personality that is eerily familiar of the totalitarian we all know and love in Mother Russia.
Overall Assessment: It hurts to say this, Frank, but from the bottom of my heart: Fuck you.

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