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Six Things We've Learned From 'Broad City' About BFFs




Yes, this is what BFFs do. (Credit: Comedy Central)

BY RACHAEL FUNK (REVIEWniverse Contributor)

Raise your hand if you aren't watching Broad City. Now take that hand and punch yourself in the head, because you are missing out. Created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and produced by superheroine-genius Amy Poehler, this show is the only reason people finally break down and get a Hulu Plus account. If you've been going all hermit and don't know what the show is about, here is a quick overview: Abby and Ilana play our two favorite BFFs since Turk and JD. They live in New York, and somehow manage to hold their lives together as they bumble through their newly found adulthood.

There is a lot to be said about the show solely based on its merit as a female-driven comedy, but if we can all be honest, talking about that gets boring. By now, if anyone is still subscribing to the "women aren't funny" mentality, I'll go ahead and lump them in with the Westboro Baptists and people who prefer Pepsi to Coke: You're doing life wrong on so many levels. You've made your choices, now go live with them somewhere—but before you do, Let's talk about what’s really important and essential to the show's appeal: Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend. Below, as gleaned from Broad City's first two seasons thus far, are six of them. 

1. Talk About the WEIRDEST Sex Stuff
Pegging, y'all. Broad City did pegging, and I'm still giggling about it (don't mistake giggling for judging, it is exactly 0.00% of my business what you like doin' in bed...unless you're trying to get me in there, too). If you can't call your BFF from the bathroom in the middle of a hookup that is NOT going the way you planned it, who are you going to call? Certainly not 311. (Below video NSFW)


2. Buddy System in Bed-Stuy
Or wherever it was they rescued their air conditioner from. Is it 150 degrees outside and you need to go door to door to find yourself a little air-conditioned reprieve from the cruel heat of summer? Who's gonna be tromping through Brooklyn with you, helping you haul your ill-gotten prize? It's your sister from a different mister. She might be complaining the whole time, but remember that time she was too drunk and you had to help her take out her contacts? She owes you one.

3. Post-Surgical Care

Doesn't matter if it's yanking out a couple of teeth or finally getting those webbed toes fixed, your bestie is going to come through for you in a big way. Maybe not "follow your high ass to Gowanus on a bike" big, but if you ask really nicely and cry a little bit, she might bring you frozen yogurt and hide your cell phone for you.


4. Get Along With Your Alter Ego

If you don't think you have an alter ego when you're at your drunk drunk, it only means your alter ego is sneakier than you. Mine is named Mabel. Animals fear her and she likes to lock people into eternal full-body hugs. Not only does your BFF know how to wrangle your alter ego, but she actually enjoys it from time to time. You know, when she's not chasing you with a shoe and yelling, "Put down the bunny, Lenny!"

5. Share Your Best/Worst Celebrity Impressions

Come on. She's heard your Sarah Palin and you know exactly how her Sean Connery is going to come out. You both pretend to hate each other's bad impressions, but secretly you think they're the greatest thing ever.

6. Be Fully Supportive of Each Other, Even When She's Doing Something Ridiculous

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY CHARGED YOU FOR GUACAMOLE? Those bastards! You got written up for taking a three-hour lunch? They don't know what a treasure you are! You got kicked out for taking your shirt off? Well, if they didn't want to see boobies, they shouldn't be living in New York, am I right?? Do what you want, you know your girl is in your corner waiting with a towel and a biting comment for the haters. 

In summation, do yourself a favor: Take 20 minutes and go watch an episode. Allow yourself the Broad City experience, because do you really want to be the only asshole at this rooftop party with no idea what anyone is talking about?  

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    The things that you guys learn from the broad city were great and thanks for sharing them with all of us. The concept of the sex is too much among all the countries. But I really like the funniest shopping video in this whole article.
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    REVIEWniverse - TV REVIEWs - Six Things We've Learned From 'Broad City' About
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    REVIEWniverse - TV REVIEWs - Six Things We've Learned From 'Broad City' About

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