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No, Toilet Paper, I Won't Go Commando



Anarchy, I tell you, anarchy! (Credit: Cottonelle) 


Of all the dastardly, dirty tricks. First, Cottonelle wants to commandeer my TV time, wining and dining me to discover whether I wipe my bottom with care (answer: sometimes). But that wasn't enough. No. Then they had to open a dialogue about the different nicknames I use for my butt (answers: poopy-kins, tough-stuff and mother). Now, however, they've simply gone too far. The toilet-paper empire and their fetching British spokeslady, UK actress/TV personality Cherry Healey, are insisting that I delight in the rippled comfort of their two-ply product and then ditch my underwear altogether. Look and listen for yourself:

Well, I've got news for you, Ms. Healey: Much as I loathe pesky elastic lines around my waist and crave the reassurance of that squeaky-clean, post-No. 2 feeling like everyone else, I refuse to abandon the only article of clothing that separates me from the animals and Amber Rose. What's next? Cottonelle parent corporation Kimblery-Clark recommending antsy elder consumers ditch their pesky Depends, or that forward-thinking parents forego the company's Huggies in deference to some baby wipes and a wish for the best? This is lunacy, I say, absolute lunacy! And totally unhygenic and desperate and weird. And while I can't speak for the ladies, as Cosmo Kramer (a risk-taker in the area of personal care if there ever was one), once so wisely declared, "My boys need a house."

Would you go commando? Or perhaps simply prefer brands don't pander to you with creepy ads that dance around the universal truths of bodily functions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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