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Rick Grimes And This Century's Five Best Pop-Culture Beards



BY MIKE VIGLIETTA (REVIEWniverse Guest Contributor)

Inspired by Andrew Lincoln's (aka Rick Grimes') grizzly growth this season on The Walking Dead (AMC, Sundays, 10 p.m.), it got us thinking: Who else's facial coverage can man-up to everyone's favorite zombie-killer? Starting with Grimes himself, here's a handful of our favorite 21st century pop-culture beards. 



Who's gonna mess with this Grime-y beard? (Credit: AMC)

Rick’s bushy, crazy-man beard is filled with blood, sweat and tears. A lot more emphasis on the blood than anything else. A LOT MORE. Who knows what Rick’s confirmed kill count is tallied at, but it’s definitely way more than any other character in the show. Not only is Rick’s beard dirty, but it serves as an intimidation factor. Anytime the group is confronted by an outsider, we are introduced to someone who is clean-shaven and appears to have access to running water and electricity. It gives the impression that they’ve had an easy go at it compared to Rick and his comrades. When these outsiders are introduced to Rick, they see a man who has been through some heavy stuff and will stop at nothing to keep his group safe. Yep, the beard tells them all that.



From mild-mannered chem teacher to Heisenberg, all it took was a beard. And meth. (Credit: AMC)

The only argument for Heisenberg’s (Bryan Cranston) exclusion from this list is that a goatee isn't really a beard. But according to the Internet, it is. It’s no secret that Mr. White was an intimidating force and eventual infamous drug kingpin. But that was only after this wimpy, mustachioed science teacher who would surrender his lunch to a fifth grader shaved his head and grew out that goatee. Those are just the facts, Jack.



Cool beard, and bad-ass coiff. (Credit: 20th Century Fox) 

More recognizable than Heisenberg’s beard. Wolverine’s enemies see those chops and they curl up in the fetal position almost immediately. This may not be a real-life stat, but it’s pretty safe to say that at least 53.4% of men who grow a decent amount of facial hair have tried out the wolverine beard once or twice in their life… including me.



How many awesome elfs did it take to groom St. Nick?

How could St. Nick not be on this list? The man is still alive and well, and the sleigh-puller's beard has reigned in the top five for pretty much every century. He’s on the all-time squad. Seeing that big white puff of facial hair means presents and joy are not far behind. He loses points for watching us sleep, though. That’s just weird.



'Nuff said. (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

I’m talking about the original Dumbledore. Not the one that replaced the original Dumbledore (much as we love Michael Gambon in our favorite new show, Fortitude). Only the late Richard Harris' Dumbledore from the first two movies of the series. Dumbledore’s beard may be the most powerful entity ever, period. If he was clean-shaven or even if the beard just wasn’t as long, he would be a muggle just like the rest of us. End of story.

Who do you think should be on this list? Kathy Bates in American Horror Show: Freak Show? Jack Sparrow? ZZ Top? Anyone who plays Moses? Hagrid? Gandalf? Fu Manchu? Tom Hanks in Castaway? Everyone on Whisker Wars? And, of course, Incredibeard!! You tell us. Let us know which are your favorite beards.

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