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Get Well Soon, Tony Iommi



REVIEWING THE NEWS: On the verge of reuniting with his Black Sabbatah bandmates for an album and tour, founding guitarist and recent autobiographer Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with early stages of lymphoma.


By Kenny Herzog
Hopefully, the Iron Man will prove immortal.


There are times when life seems to get in its own way, and the timing is almost always cruel. Only two months after releasing his autobiography, Iron Man, and practically concurrent with the news that he and the remaining original Black Sabbath lineup—Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums)—would record their first LP together in 33 years, Sabbath guitarist and founding member Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with an early onset of lymphoma.


The sad announcement arrives via the band's record label, and only elaborates to say Iommi is considering treatment options and will join his mates and producer Rick Rubin in a UK studio to continue work on their comeback album. They have not commented, as of yet, on whether the ensuing 2012 tour dates will be in jeopardy.


Rubin, of course, has helped artists from Johnny Cash to Neil Diamond age gracefully on record, and it will be fascinating to hear what he and heavy metal's most iconic doom architects create together. But chances are, any of the band's fans would wait another 33 years if it meant Iommi himself was given at least that many more.


IN OTHER WORDS: A speedy recovery to one of the great, unsung guitar innovators of all-time.






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