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Katy Perry Refuses to Comment on Dad's Anti-Semitic Remark

REVIEWING THE NEWS: The pop star's Reverend dad makes ugly, hurtful comment about Jews during sermon, and she's staying mum.


By Kenny Herzog

Katy Perry: Daughter of a misguided preacher man.


Dating back to the holiday season, it's been a banner winter for ignorance toward Jewish customs and/or outright anti-Semitism. First, there was Mitt Romney's tossed-off Twitter sentiments toward his "Hannukah"-loving constituents, then a group of four men were pursued for allegedly spray-painting swastikas near Manhattan's Bryant Park and, right on that incident's heels, a Brooklyn jewelry shop incited residents' furor by selling earrings that eerily invoked the Führer. And now, we can add Katy Perry's father, Rev. Keith Hudson, to the list of individuals perpetrating prejudice stereotypes and/or casual slandering against Jewish people.

Hudson, while recently appearing as a guest sermonizer at Pastor Paul Endrei's Church of the Rise in Cleveland, was conveying the story of how God blessed Abraham. At that point, Endrei tells the Associated Press, Hudson "talked about being blessed so much that you would make a Jew jealous." Cause, ya know, modern-day Jews relate to enormous spoils. (Ugly, ugly, ugly stereotype.) 

Endrei, amidst his damage-control, insultingly added that only one out of his 300 congregation members objected to the joke. Talk about preaching to the choir. Hudson complied by issuing his own statement of contrition, making sure to specifically apologize for "hurt I caused my Jewish friends," which sounds awfully similar to when hompohobes defend their ignorance by boasting about all their gay acquaintances. Nice try, Keith.

And where was daughter Katy amidst all this? Granted, the former Christian songstress has been preoccupied dissolving the sanctity of that whole marriage thing with ex Russell Brand, but you'd think she could muster up better than having her agent tell AP "the singer does not comment on her personal life."

Katy: Gossiping about your own divorce and standing up for an entire minority of people, many of whom buy your records, are two very different things. If you're not embarrassed by your father's remark, then that's your business, and diverting attention away from your days as a faith-based artist is most certainly all business. But standing by as the man who raised you and molded you makes damaging, ignorant insinuations about millions of proud Jews isn't protecting your privacy, it's just selfish and immature. 


IN OTHER WORDS: Time to wake up from your "Teenage Dream," Katy.





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Reader Comments (2)

To be fair to Katy here I think she has a lot more on her mind than going around correcting or commenting on her parents views or mistakes.

A vast majority of Katy's friends are Jewish. That speaks volumes to me

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterUKGlambert

But the question is, is all of that more important than continued slandering of an entire people? And it makes you wonder how far the apples falls, which is precisely why she's dodging the issue I imagine.

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Herzog

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