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New Amy Winehouse Single "Like Smoke" is Soulful Collaboration with Nas



MUSIC REVIEW: Amy Winehouse's "Like Smoke" is the bittersweet sneak preview of highly anticipated posthumous album.

By Robbie Woliver

Amy Winehouse and Nas made some beautiful music together.

Amy Winehouse's posthumous release, Lioness: Hidden Treasure, is a 12-track collection of songs new to the public and alternative takes on familiar songs. The highly anticpated album will drop in December.

BirthplaceMag.com previewed one of those new songs and it is a silky, jazzy gem, as retro and as distictively beautiful as anything that Winehouse has recorded. The Nas rap is equally soulful, and as smooth as a glide on ice.

Here it is:

The album's co-producer (along with Mick Ronson), Salaam Remi, acknowledges that this is not the album that Winehouse would have released herself, but why waste these precious tracks? As Winehouse sings, "Like smoke I hang around." Ahh, if only.


IN OTHER WORDS: Still so sad.




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